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About Us

About US

Providing a voice to your brand

Unique Solutions Agency (USA), the company and not to be mistaken for the country. We believe in customer relationships and going above and beyond the conventional business relationship. 

When doing business it is a partnership between two people or companies working together to achieve a goal. That is why we pride ourselves on the (US) which means we are a team when we do business. 

Your vision cannot be achieved without US working as a team and we value our customers by showing the same mutual respect, passion and transparency. We are passionate about helping people build brands you can trust. As a symbiotic relationship, you must be able to trust us to deliver your vision and goals.

When it comes to Web, Software & Technology we understand it can be overwhelming and a minefield to some, therefore our aim is to educate as we navigate through the process with personalised videos and knowledge bases. Simplifying our quotes, costs and terminology to assist all our clients with the full understanding of what they are getting in terms of service. 

Full transparency from the start with our costs,  allows you, our clients to budget for your business and work carried out.

We have built a customer-focused and skilled team consisting of design, development, marketing and consultation for individual businesses. We have kept things simple by removing the stress away from getting your business on the World Wide Web.

As part of our service, we can also provide state of the art web hosting (TT Webhosting) for our clients with their own control panel allowing each client to keep control of their business.

Transparency and integrity have made us one of the market leaders in our field and we believe having this work ethic is a necessary and important aspect of our business.

Our website has a built-in project management, billing and support system which enables transparency with our clients. Team working and collaboration is the only way to achieve the end goal.

“Your vision is our Goal”


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