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Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the process of promoting a product, service, or brand on social media platforms. The process typically involves creating a social media strategy, which includes identifying the target audience, selecting appropriate platforms, and developing content that is tailored to the platform and audience.
The content may include text, images, videos, and other multimedia elements. The social media marketer will then use a variety of tactics to promote the content, such as paid advertising, influencer marketing, and social media contests. The success of a social media marketing campaign is measured by engagement metrics such as likes, shares, comments, and clicks.

Social Media Management

Social media management is the ongoing process of maintaining and growing a company's social media presence. This involves creating and curating content, monitoring social media channels for comments and messages, and responding to followers in a timely and professional manner.
The social media manager may also be responsible for developing and executing social media campaigns, tracking and analyzing social media metrics, and collaborating with other departments to ensure consistency and alignment with the company's overall marketing strategy. The social media management process requires a strong understanding of social media platforms, trends, and best practices, as well as excellent communication and organisational skills.
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Content Writing

Content writing is the process of creating written content for a variety of mediums, including websites, social media, blogs, and more. The content writing process typically begins with research to understand the target audience and the desired messaging. The content writer will then develop a content strategy that includes the topics, tone, and voice of the content.
The writer will then create the content itself, incorporating relevant keywords and optimising the content for search engines if necessary. The content may be edited and revised before it is published or shared. The success of the content is measured by engagement metrics such as views, shares, and conversions. A strong content writing process requires a deep understanding of the target audience, excellent writing skills, and the ability to tailor content to the platform and medium.

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